How To Get The Passwords Hidden Behind Asterisks

In this tutorial i am going to show you how to get the passwords hidden behind asterisks, so lets assume that you forget your password of your YouTube account and its saved in the browser and you want to open your YouTube account in the other web browser then you can easily get the passwords which is hidden behind the asterisks.

If you are using the Mozilla Firefox then you can get the passwords hidden behind the asterisks in two ways the fist one is to go to the option and one window will open then simply select the security and you can find one option named “Saved Passwords…” just click there and then you can find the lists of ID andpasswords which are saved in the Mozilla Firefox and then simply click on the show passwords and it will show all the passwords saved in the Web Browser.

So the 2nd way will work for both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome 🙂 so just open any login page where the password is saved and you want to get the password.

Now just select the password and right click and then go to inspect element with firebug.

Now it will open the source code and now just change the type from password to text and then simply hit Enter.

like this and then just look at your Login forum.

Now you can see its showing the passwords hidden behind the asterisks 🙂 if you have enjoyed this then share it with your friends 🙂


Hack Facebook Account And Gmail Account Using Backtrack 5

In my previous tutorial I have explained “ How to hack facebook account using phishing ” , Now in thistutorial I am going to show you how to hack facebook account using backtrack 5. So just follow the simple steps.

Open your backtrack 5’s terminal and type cd /pentest/exploits/set

Now Open social Engineering Tool kit (SET) ./set

Just hit ENTER and SET will Open , Now just select 1st option (1 Social-Engineering Attacks) and hit enter after that 2nd number (just type 2 as shown in snapshot)

Now Just select 4th Option “Tabnabbing Attack Method” and Hit ENTER

Then select 2nd option “Site Cloner” and Hit ENTER

Now here you need to add the URL of Facebook (if you want to hack gmail then just add the gmail’s URL)

Now just hit the enter.

Open new terminal and just type ifconfig and hit ENTER

Now just copy this IP address and open it in Browser.

Now here I am just typing test email and password to see whether it works or not.

Now just hit enter and switch back to our terminal and we found the Email and password !

This tutorial is just educational purpose only.

Hack Friends ComPuter Using Pendrive

Hello ethicalhackingonly Readers In this post i will help you to make the virus to make the system turned off whenever pen drive is inserted. Try It to College,school,institute….and Fun With Friends

Step 1:>>copy this  code into notepad:
@echo off
shutdown -s -t 00
Save as ethicalhackingonly.bat extension (for eg: ethicalhacking.bat).
Step 2:
Now open the notepad and copy this code:
Action=Mouse Disable

Save it as “autorun.inf”
Step 3:
Then copy the two files in your pen drive or victim’s pen drive.
That’s all whenever the victim insert his pen drive,the system will be turned off automatically.

Check How to Disable This:-

First Stop Autorun in Your Computer And Then Format Pendrive..